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Welcome to unbounded, a weekly note about working remotely.

Over the last month, many around the world have found themselves facing a new reality of working from home. For many this shift has been disorienting and challenging. For others it has been energizing and empowering. Whether or not you continue to work remotely when this pandemic has passed, freeing ourselves from the handcuffs of a physical office has the potential to improve every aspect of our personal, professional, and collective lives.

However, we are all unique and this dramatic and forced shift has affected each of us in different ways. The good news: many incredible people around the world have deep experience in this topic and can help. The bad news: a lot of noise has been produced over the last several weeks as people rush to capitalize by attracting eyeballs and search results.

Our promise is to strive to provide a challenging and empathetic perspective to you each week, while thoughtfully curating a set of useful content from various sources and perspectives; hopefully with your help. One note at a time, once per week.

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